THE TRUTH ABOUT COLORATION/sacrifice /truth/slay

1 min readDec 30, 2021

Do you think it’s is possible for real person on their own cover and inopoly /not monopoly . imagine you having this story type of broad scope and many thing about original context right .Writing things with your own knowledge show simplicity right . Not stealing words of feeling right 100 right fake books .With lots of profession7 millions jobs to thinks off right away . Right trust any one who take or steal has committed had offense right . All their books is fake lying about things that someone has written down . stupid pest right grow up right now does it make any thing . Right stop stop right close down and covert to an institution . Which is the standard way of doing things stop hiding around the walls . Of fake thoughts and reasoning it is hazardous and dangerous. putting lots of people at risk and lots of d

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oluwafemi okeowo is an author who live in newyork and love writing as an hobby he enjoy good honest talk and is very friendly but not so cheap to be bought in