THE POWER OF NOVELLA TO THE WORLD AND HOW TO PICK something original not fake and reading from a black board children do that adult dont a fools dark black boycotting .

4 min readDec 18, 2021

FROM ACROSS THE WORLD grow up/do you think their should be separate website for novella boycotting it/solo/grow up i don't want you near me bastard idiots imagine the stupid bastard spying has if that id their jobs and their hungry children i don't want you near mi warning cultural theft

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changing the way we think local 123 trillion people global

radio/TV/and many more/union

peer to peer promotion technology voting/ introducing new thing and see how the results would last/ don't force yourselves on people

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vulnerability/spying /wrong right/advocating 100–100.

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truth/loyalty/professionalism/personality/behavior/attitude/honesty/quality/style/tone/voice/sound/Speak/signal or inopoly

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Globalization population studies action and punishment 100 coloration dark black /global self customization custodies.

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Truthful insurance arm

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Novella jackpots/




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