THE POWER OF INSTITUTION AND STATE /LOCAL / FEDERAL vs Private inopolism boycotting out .

3 min readJan 10, 2022

Global government fund and fine and levy .

ON NOVELLA AND TO TRANSITION TO SOMETHING Realism on paper/ inopoly/how not to temper with originally format right work right/ breathing right and many more global law restraining order .still wont obey permission to arm .

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Global government administrative boards of Directors and professional studies. following and taking notes written one after the next order it it mandatory by law by chance to protect and globalization rights .from harmful ways and bad relationships

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Globalization of allocating of funds not to be realized bought put monetary gains upon after proof and trail /studying and knowing a masterpiece plannings and trying to give it capitalized facts and backings.taking a globalization of oaths and bills with open ballot and taking proposal and thing on records .institutionalization makes good grades much more assimilation right blocking fraud or bad one .Allocation of printing materials and many more global Digital frames works connectivity.bringing globally world to a stand off . Global custodian digital rights and many provission allocation world wide . Globalization rights and privileges laws and drafting globalization selection annd blocking's. Boycotting you minion would follow you not me they like you idiots .

Starting a solo claims and finding a perfect global way of allowing global progress 24 hour editor /stamp/notary and many more things unique stop faking

going through the right signatory on Digitalization and not living things untouched institutionalization communication makes things stands out from all it rest .

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global funding and talk to talk basically /insurance /and global coverage /doing counting down and returning packing .

Programming global reimbursement packages deal significantly into law /groups Organization and charting team .

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global production /cost / rise/reception /technology globalization

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Bringing money back to Federal/state/local /private


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