The power OF COLOR AND scaling OF currencies/Global war on theft in institution/governmental/private/public dispute defense /frauds/lies

7 min readOct 25, 2021

KNOWing the power of coloration and signs of Digital currency /price/ writing a global warning to all organizations no one is exempt

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Coloration Grid when it comes to price /commodity/balances/imbalance are something very reasonable. Why it is how price coloration and saturation works together . Why color formalities means a lots of Value price and reasonable .Approval doing a validated payment system with the digital currencies. And keys and commodity of the value price and it reliability on demand. When it comes to digital monetary gains and value means something very straight . Forwards and double standard formatting in the case .Of apex trading and coloration index and proximities of angle. That this targeted price transaction begins and ends. That is how coloration margin meEt some standard. Value +rage +commodity +selection +combination digital Heflix Selection and number buttons

Remember we talked about this 0000.1/1000 =in our lessons on comparing currencies great numbers and small numbers /worth and worthless global digital currencies. comparing an local to international to digital currency clockwise .additional +subraction =left .

how big is 1000 /000.1

Which numbers do you think is greater out of the two of them / on the coloration board how big/mixed/unsettled/unstoppable is coloration high and low price .

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Price of commodity

Hones/tonnes/kilogram/kilometers/points /Value/approximately/appearances/frequency

Diamond ♦️/💍/reuben/cars /🚘/household/gold/Silver/raw materials/reusable Energy/ New types of source




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