The Digitalization OF RURAL BUSINESS currencies/FRAUD exposure

2 min readNov 13, 2021

The World of Digital currencies and knowing/ don’t impose anythinf on no one who you offer nothing owning for a million yrs not paying

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The World of currency and Digitalization of work is something very powerful and personal .In nature why due to Demographics studies and research on behavioral studies. Whereby arts and constructive studies about a particular arts degree. On digitalization currency and global countdowns on economical jobs .And how monetary sectors fits a particular brands in the world of globalization trade. If you looks accompanied with monetary Value you would be asked to define . What Digitalization of stastus and probability value means to the world .

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A digital currency with the right calculation and rates is something very inopoly . How digital currency rates is universal why it a digital currency and working . One thing about Digital currency it that it doesn't haven't a rate since it universal . You can imagine selling a box of yam to yourselves it not possible . That is why i told you about the surplus Percentages in the Previous lesson . if you don’t believe me do the Mathematics yourselves and see if you can take from yourself. Any one encouraging stupid poor coloration should cast out black .

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8 trillionth of global population in about 6yrs to come to life digilization currency . And how monetary trasaction and global trading routes fraud and theft is against most religion .Taking canal knowledge of people and over the world is a big blow . Blasphemy




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