Supersize economy /middle size economy /medium size/bank and many more world wide planning for beyond .

2 min readMay 6, 2022
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As the world economy is projecting to double in capacity and seize one would wonder where the next point of revenue . Might be coming from aside from the road/air /bus /sea and now the internet . What are the thing to moves on into the globalization market and how do thing get arranged. The thing about globalization as the world infer means taking lots of risk and doubt from getting collapse . As the world itself as already evolve more than a million times . However planning beyond 8080 where must social economy would be consolidated into one fiscal interest . Why goods that are minion wouldn't have to live it shore but rather a simple approaches about thing .Why the world as there is no know keeps expanding and rapid shuttle . Sometimes makes thing very dynamic in nature . Why at one point of globalization of trade and investment or another era suggestion . Going by the number of things which are being used to consolidate lots of thing . Now planning globally has it own advantages . And the inter isn't left out any way from what had being expected still going by what is supposed to be brought .

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what is supersize economy /meduim /large /small/scale x and y circular graph


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