8 min readApr 14, 2021

What is an ideal and where does it comes from in our own sub-belives ?Which literally is something thats we believe in but it just doesn't reflect well with our on capacity . Why because we have no knowledge of that what’s like to lay beneath of faith .Which is measuring the content of what we know is real and we acknowledge that is fact . How ever taking time to analyses this two open definition we might think they are one as believe +sub-believe. Nope this are very different to another and they don't relate well with one another . Why based on stamina /fact /consistency/exceptions .The list goes on and on and you can ask m yourself . What is the writer trying to convey to me as a reader well in the game of possibilties .There are so many rules concerning you journey into accepting what comes in your way. which is when being given a present as a wishing list its being opened by you.what happen next when you open it i mean the box . That any example of believe + sub-believe this are variance and numbers of chance and luck in you decision .Some like a random pick and chance this things attract you or disfranchise you. Which sometimes very reflection on sub-believe approaches towards the contender deeds.

But the answer is no they aren't one why because they are different in all formalities . As i talk about sub-believe in nature this are not crucial things that makes you wanna move . Your body or concept/soul to it because is a New dimension altogether anyway .

A sub-believe steps are something inside of something if you know what i mean when claiming the stairs-case .That answer well every thing in contrast to believing those realistic thing . If you confuse still of what sub-believe means it almost like the second stage . Of what you believeing but aiming towards another direction . Which altogether when claiming the staircase it doesn't accompany . Any thing you might think you know even a five star cheff word know . That when it comes to attaining to the client from a parelle angle in the dinning room.

For those of us wondering how sub-believe comes in fruition . When Simultaneously believes are something that worth every thing in life . Which we take the chance to get because it how our own dream that why we are rewarding . But the thing behind sub-believe is that it like a new door way towards another dimension . Which Analytics and dynamistic factors could help solve this Puzzle if sassy doesn't work . So for those for those of us who are…


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