The Brutha Rogue WHOSE on the block

5 min readJan 29, 2021

Have you ever wonder how life can snuff out of you body from the people you are thinking they are good . This story happens in broad daylight when this brother decided to pose as a housing agent . when infact his a crime syndicate who is wiling to catch in on you . when you least expected so when you see some asked you stupid question . Such as I can help you get a job the best way is to reply but saying do you have a valid license . for the job which you are proposing if he says yes makes sure you verify it . over the phone with his boss or look over the internet to see when last he came to work . if not your life can be sniffed out of you instantly be ignoring the signs . Note remember when parent always want children to stay away from strangers . Those whom you think they are cool or you feel for then remember if Jesus had a bullet.See this story begins on a regular day a lonely brother on the straight begging god to take convid away . why because it killing his bussines no one wants to talk to you because thier is ban . every where you go so this car parks in front of you . Then started excessing your loneliness by promising you a job which you think it stupid . But as the story goes on they keep meeting you up in places. whereby you think they are the next thing to turn too when in fact they are wholly wolves in disguise .

one night in the park you boomed into them again then suddenly they take you away by pretending they live you . some you gave in just not just to be rude but because people always complained about shabby nature men . The nerdy one who don’t like anything of fun because there is refrigerator in the room . some you let them into your house thinking they are goanna go away very soon . But some how they turn your house into their own crib .Perhaps they see some dirty things and they start cleaning it up gradually you think they are through to their words . until they asked for the keys on your house then you are like no i don't give any one my keys you said you was goanna help me get a job. suddenly you let your key s in the refrigerator only to discovered it been taken . you are vey hyped not knowing what to do until five men came back into you house .Then you pretend to go…


oluwafemi okeowo is an author who live in newyork and love writing as an hobby he enjoy good honest talk and is very friendly but not so cheap to be bought in