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WHAT DOES 687 TRILLION PEOPLE Thinks about art Institutionalize books

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Displaying a novella back cover is something that is digitally accumulation in nature .why any one who understand a single arts not making duplicate or trying to glance through works. Which are lawfully selective and are being purchased. And sale it which is cruel lots of novella are texts which are originally ascribing to a particular topic. From the originally contidant whose handwriting on that topic. And has no person to describe it since it is inopolism .Many debate has being talked about adding institutional books as a collection. Not all books are confident with agent due to privacy and many more thing . Moreover novella are open not to be store into you get a break as it may fall into wrong hands . That is why direct to direct contact about books and how fast it could be produced. if it was into institution where proper care is taken to avoid disablement. Lots of forged documentation and many more

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novel back door publishing is this right or wrong / when would this bad habit stop . which to me dosn’t make sense right you take something you are not paying . it is ridiculous and bad i don’t care about your status grow up . right grow up you are no more a child acting childish laying faking stupid thing.

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4/5/6/7 economy the voice on shelf not DA- shelf/ finish book cover dust jacket and trying niw trinding tichnologhy right not putting yourself right grow up stop spying and publishing fakw books

How do you make room for novella and wants those those it portray/ ones-ism right / think if you are working in the book library /store /online or any where how can you identify things . So easily with a particular sound not monopolist and many more . It poor right going into people collective works and ruin it is wrong . it is bad and you know that discipline right what are you wanting for any one knows that anywhere . Gaining access to works that dose fit you is wrong right . From wrong pick it is just so unfair and wrong right grow up .

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separate book cover grow up stop stop books that comes with things . 689 trillion people




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