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4 min readOct 9, 2021
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A price of a commodity in the world of any given trades means a lots of timing factor. Which is like a time and how it is in circles our world in the digital age has to be very equipped. Why living the old analog way of doing thing and embracing a total evaluation. And putting what if at the end of the common in the digital world . Why some of us who go into trade have not so much knowledge. When it comes to huge money counting some can be fake and now digital technology. Coming from one place to a global trade should be able to do lots of investigating. Why the world of unrest of many tough and questioning is being put on the trail. Now converting an analog currency to a digital function . Shouldn't be so difficulty is like replacing a House for another masion . Limits /equity /balances /trade and many more Mathematics concepts of nature .Which digital currencies could take it to another level.

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Two bags with rope tying to bags with an imaginative lifting up and down . You can see the arrow in the button how each arrow shows something very positive . And it is reflecting on the digital currency information how well of preparation between balances/imbalance.When an individual is being asked to pull or weigh. Something such as powerful has commodity and acquired thinking of inopoly. And the gain in digital trade of heflix and sufflex of trade beyond the digital parameter. Trade is something paramount to nature and value but how far is Digitalization. When it comes to the Digital world of internet and the rest of the world .

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Using technology to

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color and number to indetify fraud




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