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New Era Genre is a mixture of collective definition in a literally content . where by people who gets the gist of the genre basically understand the meaning of passive and assertive in a literally content . why because logically speaking when you are shopping around for something so new to add to you collective Profile . You might want to try something very unspoken to must your readers profile . why people beause this book has been on wattpad for three month right now and it would soon be having it nest .Which means this book direct you to the legit website . why the cart has opened yet is because reader are supposed to be talking . why because the author needs their approval to open the stores on the website .Now that the catalogs are being imprinted on line with a merchant who deals in this online prints .

And order personal information pertaining to this novel coming to it fruition why because things that are worth looking for become a source .If any one is listening let their be feed back on what you think the new era genre . Means to you because believe or not catalog sometime help people to dertemine a price of an items .Note i added layers to the book pages the only things stoping me is the editor . which is like a pot in the stove boiling for guest to have something to drink .why because books can only talks when the readers add value but all the same it a promise to publish. why because a procrastinated would don’t do anything at all .Just learned that the catalog was online through my website Merchant site which i have stated inserting pictures . But am hoping to open the shopping cart very so so that reader are free to get what they pay for at the ends. You know when i opened the cart i uploaded my Microsoft version which i wanted it to be edited by an editor .since i am the self publishing author in this i hope i would find something to help cope . with my writing tips that why my writing on NEW ERA GENRE hasnt change on any ground . Just the same from the last times i left it but i would be talking about layering in the genre. But as times goes on i would be briefing you on the development of a new genre . But like i said

so what next for the shopping cart online
The Book inside the shopping cart what do you expect to see in this genre

Seeing this genre evolved and established makes me happy because what most people calls addiction . Is something they see as their demands so going further into the world . it’s something to look…


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