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We've talked about information storages in the global world of New era sequences. Where we preferable talked about global link-served technolgy which could be etremely echoed . From one end to another using different types of one world technology. Which i heard demonstrated from my order previous cases . But now since internet knows no privacy you can imagine me trying to get into amazon +facebook accout right . What is wrong with people now adays i have never entered the white house . But as we a saying information technology is first advancing. And now digital DNA of mechanism is becoming very well equipped .Which is becoming very sacrosanct that

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why do you think European new fake ideals and steal when they have their own networking system .

Should the FbI or any one be getting involved since violence know no boundaries.

true or false i don't look at people information then why come here who needs you help.

people don't share idea it not a most people work independently true or false I'm not a thieves.

i have never claim any one on my irs before why talking bank information if you don't want to be question /arrested for trespassing .

you are not my boss am independently on my own stop consulting on my behind i can make plans

you never paid me a dime so why comes to my pages to tell what is wrong with you .


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