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7 min readDec 24, 2021
Photo by David Pisnoy on Unsplash

A coloration in digital currency is something very dominant and realistic in nature and time.Why when its comes to numbers and additional content in nature.The first things that comes into minds is understanding anything but mathematical additional content. Why number are just like multiplication due to the number . That is being mixed for some reason same goes for coloration and extensional chord. All over the word we have primary +secondary +tertiary coloration and wee might have a fourth coloration/5/6 . Depending on what we think about coloration .And how we mixed things so well enough to make up things . Looks complimentary or non complimentary in coloration same goes for books and chemicals .

when we look down below the organization charts lots of things to pick from which is arithmetic or addition .Same goes for number and coloration bracket and formulas . knowing that 1 +2 + 3 +4=would sum of to a number higher right

2*3*4 =would sum up to a number right true or false

same goes for subtraction and division =which is low

primary coloration = red blue yellow=mixing of colors two tog to get number below

secondary coloration =green orange purple

Tertiary color = mixing another coloration third right piratically correct right




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