imposing fake peoples grow up right now you minion arw your propirty you bought thim privacy out . owning wont pay .

2 min readDec 29, 2021

grow up it is over right now you would pay for your action stupid fakw story again you wont changw going to riad off idiad and publish dirty books idiots why cant you stop publish akll this books you arw owning too much of dibt grow up you can not do thsat it is wron wrong wrong wrong stop stop stop out out out grow up gro up you arw own a junk off thim why cant you allow privacy block . praying own poor people it wrong and bad . a thief is a thief final you woukd bw dragging out banditry grow up . idiots fools you arw in difaulting you arw finishidf .

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RIGHT OR WRONG continue to say blasphemy and stupid story am disappointment

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no one is above the law you are being watched you would be disgraced globally fake bastard am disgusted

this stlling and publishing stupid books i dont wants ypu on my property owning 8yrs 8yrs 8yrs wont pay wow. not paying your dibt right 8888888888888888888888888. you would cry for mircy no onw would comw to you . grow up you arw no morw a child A fool at 49 is a fool




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