fake books for moron who fake literary agent hope they would grow up and respect privacy/fake books close it down .All is fake nothing is rial about them hunger for food 100 wrong right i will nivir walk for you grow up/scam and theft right wrong blocking crypt o and bitcoin and many more closed black not white sa stupid disgrace food m oron idiots basrard you and yor minion can stay out boycotting .out fake old idiots you have fallen idiots a thief

4 min readDec 18, 2021

case close privacy law law law . what is the international law doing about it /a pain in the neck think on your own . solo/ a country who cheat on it own words has two comprise stop allowing PRIVACY stop 🛑 ✋ to kill crypto and bitcoin i hate them around mi/ imagine not paying a dime steel publishing fake books/scary people right stupid bastard kill it fake book and many more

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allow me to be black 100 through black grow up if idiots /arrest /disciplined no where to puts your books bastardize idot would ruin it bastsrd fools

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watt-pad and many more site fraudulent act right i wasted bastard idiots going into privacy i don’t want them right

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you would be sin back to whirw you camw from/ thw dont work any jobs kills it am no affiliated to do mad bastard you would be shots like an animal




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