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In the world of watches invention with two types of incentive whereby velocity .Metrics of the balance between the flight and take of tossing the palm object . That requires the watch to be throw at a speed of diameter of assuming .Which originally thinking that the watch percentages of pouncing back and font throughout Digital.Leverage thought and calculation metrics of annuity .

Curved and sadjcent in Nature that makes a watch goes into many accurate Status/TIME. Even we know the watch is an invention of time calculation metrics reader .However Conflict /balances of the tossing a circular. Object in the air when considering velocity as a choice of information of charater . And maybe sequence of Diameter angles of velocity .Originally velocity when it comes to speedy guessing in nature .Whereby replication/deplication /subplication of occurrence of recovery frequency .That time interval of tossing and balancing of the objects in the air . At hand and ease of the tossing of velocity of the watch .

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Sporadically when we take a round trip guesses of how velocity of tossing and catching around the Time-clock . The variable we would get as far as the earth and the Time-Life .Diameter is concern based on the outside and inside of the watch being tossed in the air.From another perspective that we are definately looking .Velocity outside the earth is constant while the radius inside of the earth .Isn’t that why the watch comparing each tosses throws means something unstable .

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Sugar on the earth when it come to spraying it on the surface .Which passes through the top right into the earth .Which in reality there is this feeling the sugar might cause another over burden . Why because it taste or in nanother message too much of sweetness .The earth is something that is very Quantum . When judging from a specific definition particularly views . Why mainly because sugar gladiator in the combined world of wristwatcher . And the earth and now the sugar means something very deep …




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