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Digitalization of Data seeds is something very attractive in the world of technology.Why because it could be simplistic or logistical in a way of invisibility +visibly(-+) .Whereby circular mainstream data of trading and affluent shape size . Which is pertaining any way to reflects and deflect on the digitization data .That is very statistically triggered by the way we see different types of Perception .When we thing about our technological ideological of socialism behavior side kicks .Which puts the word in a nets of critical leverage desolution +resolution +

Why because in the world of consensus theories of the mind+body +soul in the global . World where by different types of geometric frequency and signal plays certain key points . Remember we talked about ants and their social global status in some of the pages. Where we see in particular how the ants carries their leaves 🍃 playing this with sub-believe of invisibility +visibility .Which in periodically their are some weighing contractive of sub-believe of possibilities/enterprise .Each ants and the leaves may mean different types of things in general . When it comes into the economical

Transparent currency in the Digital Era even up to quantum satellite is something very intricate and dimensional.If we were to calculate the pyramid of earth +satellite .Which fairly this two are questionable in so many ways in our mind . Why because due velocity in some ways and the distance travel of this two object . Knowing how vertically +horizontally diameter One is natural the other is man-made in nature so the transparency Imagination we may began to sees how earth and satellite currency echoes .Why because transparency digital Currensism in the world of doubt and possibilities data .Means smething very

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