DIGITAL BOOK FACTORIZATION INOPOLY 3D BOOK PROJECTION +AMAZON DIRECT GLOBAL RETHINK 24 hours/design /layers /planning one way technology the future is here . Terminal grand style

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A Book enterprise in globally New Era is based on literacy /knowledge/truth /honesty /pay all rent /it all insult not get things out .

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How do you thing ideology could be safe it ice cream children stilling and wont allow open debate moron . how can book return to originality's and many more .how maturity though out the globalization world

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logging into the system a new types of genre with much of the lesson from previous to studies /fake books are wrong and bad /license wrong 0–0–0 how building the future with the future fake book makes meaning globalization law 980 trillion fine lateness applies.thiif Digital currencies with innovation

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Globalization of population

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Globalization of population how quilcvk to globalization retailers swt 9 million store world wide

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