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What is the love of writing without mificking or trying to gain vanity. Knowing that you are way in debt in your forth or upcoming future projections .Which most people who are sabition does. Everything without thinking of the brighter future for other upcoming tempos .Some how out of Desperation it like a switch of birth where the partitioner suddenly is being faced. With absolute ridicule when addressing the case of assault . Of material which is very scandalous and doesnt elevate the accuser .Based on human profanity and quick money scheme to sale out people possession .Which with the niches of time they could afford it on their own .

That doesn't legally belong to any to them why because they believed in unethical schemes. Which is an exploit something far worse than the fur trade in the global market . About millions of people are debunked when it comes to the truth . Sassy and bachelorette is an example of an obstacle created by profanity .Who are the perpetrator the biliterate who are not well informed eventhough they claim to be educated . This when be accessed on a ratio basic it amount to profanity . Something to lure the society by revealing other people secret . And trying to sell lie which this is a shame in the modern society . Thousand of followers fulls into this scam and cunned artist tell them to verify thier facts .See if they would give you affirmative reason sassy for exploitation . Big government agencies and many more followers are the prone target .This is what they call defamus an abbreviate of blackmail preying on privacy in real life . Without no offense or aggression of the petitioners linking her to any wrong .Millions of fortunes is made true defamus pedigree which accounts for break down . You can imagine waking up with your proposal only to be discovered it on national tv. With the bilitreated using you as a story and target you deserves .

In most countries whom had being accustomed of this in-discrete act.They fashion thier earning and they make blockages for clients .Thinking that they are the main personally to that text so please dont attract maggots .Why because of totally blindness and demeanor that was being enforced upon them.Now another rounds of isolation is coming and you wonder what going on again .Would it be like the last election something that chichi or Zainab or wale had the upper hand but the price goes to james.

unchained the time never procreate something you didn’t create it doomed .

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