commercialization+ forced trade vs INOPOLISM boycotting moron fools bastard idiot/inopolism moron old fools faking bastard gun. shamliss hungry bastsrd . closw down .

FOR MONEY O R TRUTH OUT how to changw back covir and boycotting it you arw no to big to opwn law . boycotting out idon’t want you out this word bw thw latw timw i warning you out out out out out out out . imagw dspying right think on your own boycotting out . fakw bastard digital rwal housw idiot . old cargo grow up a thiif is a thiif shamw digusting fool a country that robb and…



oluwafemi okeowo is an author who live in newyork and love writing as an hobby he enjoy good honest talk and is very friendly but not so cheap to be bought in

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