Combing global language 234 with technology yoruba/African /or any one language vices versa

4 min readNov 28, 2021
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A languages arithmetic is something that has to do with lots of combinations of globalization languages to form a cell/a units /a code/ . Which be added global with many choices of words and pronunciation. The world we live in with almost 89trillion people global with how to use strategy. And architectural in the science and practical of combination of strategy.Learning a possibility and impossibility of ethics beyond the rules.How information and channel of vocals and many more things comes to place .You would be exposed grow up right now stop acting so unjustified /unnecessary . A Language and transformation of basically components.A lots of technology that could benefits mankind and make things . Much more rewarding than compounded in nature. Preparing the world for 6 million yrs later with how speedy efficiently . Languages and balances makes sense to combining lots of things .

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The World of languages and formatting another's 9 to ten detached or attachment of words . 456 trillions people and going around to much more meaningful things in life . Allow coloration flourish and much more advancement . The world we live in another billions of years and growths across digital airspace. And science and technology in the 🌎 world of digitalization and route networking . Whereby reliance and Durability on languages and additional con-trust worked togetherness . The more technology and much more serious. Of building a new layer of Strengthening has the world . 🌍 keeps going into a countdown

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There one time a Nigeria brought up something similar




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