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7 min readDec 14, 2021

Writing a books is supposed to be solo right / the truth is what about coloration Dose it make sense to commit false doctrine.When an examination is for one person . But your work is being handed at a shame price who does that in nature. Most culture stand aside no duplication of context right due to long tradition . Where is all the bad attitude coming from is don’t they have their culture . What is all the publication globally doing about all this fraud and many more. Blocking all route and many more very disgusting in nature and more right . A book that is written for a particular genre which is done for isolation . I wounder what is going on in the writing industry you are supposed to come up with you ideology right . Taking people work and giving it to someone is wrong.

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another propaganda stupid false a disgrace they wont stop moron/brigadier books and stilling for fake it is wrong if you asked mi my advice lots of storis

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