Calculation of a Digital Currency Huge Overboard/Transaction

8 min readNov 9, 2021

Digital currency like never seen before and Measuring above averages globalized

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If you ask me in a million of years how would evolution shapes the new era dimensions. I would probably go back to ancient times where money had developed from counting to collecting. Now it is moving towards another direction .And how money which is being collected and stored would change also this money. Are becoming technological woven with new transformation changing the lives of 123 trillions individuals. And how there digital trade instead of a door to door .Would change the planet and have another digital impact of global terminal/computers any place not mention.According to statistics and numbers margin percentage. Majority people using analog would have to convert to Digital one. Mainly because calculation by 123 trillion individuals with many more needs . Can triple the size of an inflations/deflation of people and their needs. Remember we talked about coloration grids and the ocean siege.

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Same goes for a digital currency and how rising Asset level could overcome . The one causing drought and unstable monetary fluctuations gains in the analog economy. Which as encroach and make little progression on the capital market .it’s steady a but rather keep fluctuations which means nothing can be associated.With it because it price is not accurate for any countries to discuss upon for a capital.

A lots of people might be thinking what is long term and short term loans .Who is providing and who is the beneficiary of the trade by plan in the world .The thing about this loans is that the are based upon untimely situations. Which is like a minimum wages but it is being reversed into something out of touch .Smart enough if you compare this things together you wouldn't get something out. it almost a things that 50/50 overburdened due to interest fluctuations .How analog currencies makes a huge junk out on most countries. And most economical business due to malpractice/heritage/compromise/traffic. Which in the case the hunter become the hunted .


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