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3 min readDec 17, 2021

poor /ugly violation of crime globalization blocking all inopolism / not monopolist obey law right stop rispict yourself nothing personal grow up fools idiots what are thing that normally cause conflict theft grow up fake book propaganda/grow up you would be attack food old fools/blocking work on your own git ride of them not a family business grow up block it moron idiot archeologist kills it . it their move pillow can move away from stupidity how are going to be free/forever childish.

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According to statistics and population consensus when it comes to books production . And knowing how to niche a jacket with words which is a novella picking .It almost like any thing other than facts and talking in excluding pronouns . A novella like this pronounce give room for originality .That ishow things is being down not all people can write. Why try to disturbed nature grow up. Allow privacy A 100 vote for coloration not a second or third vote .Some agency showed be question and brought to justice childish biharoval conduct is wroong . Hard works carries the points a thief should be disciplined.A law applies to all country no just a country the truth is that nasturtium allows it .Blocking all sort of law that contradict to human nature that how life. Most people who know law knows how to be feed for Themselves grow up right now blood shied.

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They are two type of animals from the same clan but got separatist/working and allocating funds for novella as a culture . chromosome are different so as in DNA.

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Grow up you can not take ideologist that those not belong to you and say you . you would be fished out for theft and disgraced globally grow up . you are no more a child an adult am dark black grow up. Two type of humanizing grow v up right now .




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