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One thing about life is that some people at one put comes to us for assistant about a certain types of confinement . But some over priced human-being nature effect our psych.Which is not but the truth is very bitter not apologizing on sub-sack not or medium.Someone who goes to drag you out from your sleeping. Please ask for it to start with that is reality not ego people don’t worship Mormon any more .Why because minds would always connect but fraud and rogue and bad behavioral wont connect. Why you discovered an ego it is very huge mainly you over knew the topic. But since$10 dollars is what people expect not me .Am grown i would say the truth nothing from the truth 8yrs is scars up.

Substack should know that not me if you put a needle in other people body . How do you feel but not beginning never dream of peanuts because the heart is the centerpiece .Not some looting your everyday and wont see you any way .Shame no one is asking for editor from you good people know that gone were the day people eats ice-cream .And pretending it taste good but have you tested some not good .Something that has injuries in it but no any ways their goes the cats .Not a friend of Mormon not a friend of materialism/vanity /over the top habit .

Why because the law is the law people should know that no biases . Money don't come when people loots maturity means step up the game i live here.Why are you trespassing on my lane why are you not considering the fact that you rob me .People think the old fashion way whereby people pay to beg money is not worth a soul. I don’t understand subsack drama but who ever is in dramatical broadcasting here is the truth 8 yrs .No contact people want to lies and pretend well it ok .i think need to start advising our selve because we are human going the wrong way with the word is wrong . Independent from now on no more

life is better not false hood 8yrs wrong something that is shameful

who ever is reading their is a publication being delayed what would do if people loots you

madam you stole my purse i cant give you back you have candy i need it for all my children

if a customer come out with a bad complaints if nothing is being done any way it not my life the…




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