oluwafemi okeowo is an author who live in newyork and love writing as an hobby he enjoy good honest talk and is very friendly but not so cheap to be bought


The world of trade and blocking an old evil traditing from killing and crippling the economy .Any one who follow trades/commerce / Technology/source . How organization of chart are being sized…

Have you ever wonder how life can snuff out of you body from the people you are thinking they are good . This story happens in broad daylight when this brother decided to pose as a housing agent . when infact his a crime syndicate who is wiling to catch…

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boycotting out . Owning 8 yrs wont pay out debtor /out in lying we strive/block right 8 888888888888 all their population right out tight for tight boycotting noycotting . Forced theories dont nott makes sense right truth right Truth fake right cheating out pay debt out oiut out out out out out .. privacy rights vote blocking privacy right adult tak rwturning book back into institutions .fake dope ruin things out . Reality locking all doors block .close down . Boycotting right only god know when they would back off out

Taking different types of novella recipes /global on privacy not wanting to attack stop you are all adults/universal reckoning /how knowing thing age right/art works /justifying facts and many more truth making rooms for truth of the shelves. Inopoly original's contextually boycotting all/ a lazy human shouldn't eat out …


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